First Annual Garage Sale Fundraiser


What's Happening?

Handyman Hero is excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Boise’s own Wyakin Foundation for a garage sale fundraiser September 22nd & 23rd at 202 E 37th Street in Garden City! We'd noticed a few our customers were asking us to take items from their house after we were done with their projects. These were items of value that they thought we could sell but the they were done with. Originally we thought, "Sure, why not fix them up and sell them?" However our problem with that is that we are not a retail business. The other is we came up with something much better! Everyone here at Handyman Hero has been extremely motivated by this and so are many of our customers! 

Why Wyakin?

The Wyakin Warrior Foundation has been serving Boise's post 9/11 wounded veterans since 2010, helping to provide guidance in the transition into civilian life through education  and into the careers of their choice. Their six tenet program focusing on networking, professional development, mentorship, educational stipend,community impact, and the 'Wyakin for life' belief, leads to an over 90% success rate with those enrolled in the program. Our very own project manager is ex-military and we were inspired to work with a local veterans organization in this endeavor. 



How you can help!

We've gotten many donations but we still need more! We encourage all kinds of donations too, anything non-perishable and in good condition, from home-wares to clothing and everything in-between. If you have some thing that you would like to contribute you can contact us at (208)362-3452 or We’ve already run out of room at our shop from our customers generosity and are needing to lease additional space too! Thank you so much to all that have already made donations!